• You never know when stings will happen. To make matters worse, most recommended products and home remedies just don't work.
  • Jelly-Smack changes that!
  • Jelly-Smack is FDA registered, safe for kids, and perfect for families, surfers, divers, or anyone who enjoys spending time in the water.
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Biloxi MS

We are proud to announce Sharkheads and Souvenir City in Biloxi carry Jelly-Smack products! Since 1973 they have been the premier shop for all things beach!

Stop by and load up on your beach gear and make sure to pick up a bottle for your boat and beach bag!

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What others have to say!

Living on the Gulf Coast and enjoying the beach and water weekly, we never leave home or the dock without "The Smack" as we call it! Keep extra on the Boat as well. Great Product!!
Willis W
After snorkeling on the reef at the Turks and Caicos, my stomach was covered with sea lice stings. I am one of those people that had a big reaction. Usually I treat with vinegar or some other over the counter product. But this time, the beach guy at the resort lent me some jelly-smack he had on hand. Instant relief! I go to TCI every year, and I will never be without jelly-smack!
Karen L
I was on vacation with my daughter and her friend. Her friend was stung by a jellyfish. I happened to see the guy next to me had a flag with the jelly smack name, having no idea what it was. This was the guy who created it. He was so nice, he gave us a bottle, she applied it, and bam! A few minutes later she was back in the water enjoying vacation. This is a must have for anyone at the beach.
After getting stung NUMEROUS times while in Fort Morgan, I found this at the Marina. and man it helped so much! I wish I would've found it sooner on our trip! definitely recommend!
Karen O
I had my grand daughters with me at the beach and one of them got stung by a jelly fish. Luckily I had bought some Jelly Smack and saved our beach day ! It worked great ❤️
Lola P
I brought Jelly-Smack with me to my trip on the gulf coast in May when the jellyfish were crazy… A big group of my friends and I were all stung. It was miserable, until we used my bottle of Jelly-Smack! Everyone was ready to get back in the water almost immediately because they weren’t afraid of being stung anymore. This stuff worked like magic!
Jordan S